Why Wise Leaders Don’t Know Too Much

The worst thing my wife can do (especially when hungry) is give me 25 restaurants to choose from. I simply don’t have the capacity to judge, store and weigh that many options with any sort of relevancy. I’ll try to research menus and quickly become overwhelmed by appetizers and drink specials. I know more than before, but my decision became much, much harder.

Jeff Stibel with HarvardBusiness.org says that knowledge is overrated.

We can only comprehend so much. Our minds have limits in our ability to digest information, just as shelves are only meant to hold so many books.

From a user experience perspective, this mindset works equally well for an interface. Jakob Nielson writes, “every extra design element detracts from all the other design elements on the page.” Additionally, every additional element on the page adds to the burden of knowledge.

Your interface is only as valuable as your user’s ability to extract what they need. Don’t burden them with the unnecessary; lead them through understanding.

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