UX Engineering the Command Line

I don’t spend much time using the command line. When I do, it’s always the same commands. There’s power there, it’s just never been easy enough to uncover. 

A new project called [TermKit][1] may or may not be the answer, but the developer’s ideals are incredibly attractive, and well aligned with a user experience model. 

One of the Unix principles is nobly called “Least Surprise”, but in practice, from having observed new Unix users, I think it often becomes “Maximum Confusion”. We should be more pro-active in nudging our users in the right direction, and our tools should be designed for maximum discoverability. For example, I want to see the relevant part of a man page in a tooltip when I’m typing argument switches. I’d love for dangerous flags to be highlighted in red. I’d love to see regexp hints of possible patterns inline.

I look forward to watching this software progress.

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