Using the “Big Idea” in College Football

Good to Great was a seminal book for my understanding of the “Big Idea” concept and I love to see it referenced in this NYT article and used in a field as varied as college football play calling.

Kelly’s overarching philosophy owes to business texts, most directly, the writings of Jim Collins (“Good to Great” and “Built to Last,” among others), who argues that successful organizations coalesce around a concise, easily communicated core mission. Kelly said: “If someone says to me, ‘What do you stand for?’ I should be able to invite them to practice and in five minutes, they’d say: ‘I see it. I get it.’ They stand for playing hard and playing fast.”

Even if you are not at all interested in football, you should read this article. Moving Ux forward means thinking outside the box, something this coach has done in spades.

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