User Research For Copywriters

It’s really kind of a shame this article by Marli Mesibov was so directed at copywriters. It’s a great general piece on the benefits of user research.

Every project I work on involves some measure of user research, whether I work on my own or with an official research team. Sometimes I observe users as they use products. Other times I set up tree tests to see how users react to my terminology and nomenclature. When it’s all over, I work with the client to establish a message they want to communicate.

—Marli Mesibov, How Copywriting Can Benefit From User Research

I’ve been trying to make the point lately that user experience is everyone’s job. When I see tools like tree mapping or field research–tools commonly referred to as part of the UX toolkit–in use outside of a typical UX department, it only goes to prove that point.

The more we know about our users from top to bottom–engineers, designers, and product managers–the more likely we are to build cohesive products that work for the user.

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