User and Customer Experience in a Member Services Organization

Interesting that AAA considers the phrase “user experience” to represent their digital interactions only. They clearly care about the rest of the customer experience, its just a distinction I’m not sure most people make.

It helps that AAA embeds the customer experience into their fabric:

We came to realize very early on in the process that customer experience is not an operational unit, but it is a cultural shift. It is a competency. It’s something that is shared by all and needs to be a commitment from all.

Too often I see UX treated as something that can be bolted on, instead of something that needs top-down, end-to-end support throughout the organization. What good is a beautiful persona-driven website if the product developers are working toward different goals?

(As an aside, I wish every video came with a transcript. Am I the only person that prefers to read articles over watching them?)

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