Three Years Later, Feedburner Finds a Home @ Google

Feedburner has always been an outcast in the Google Universe. The purchase was fueled by the incredible growth of RSS and monetization opportunities of a digital subscription medium, but the obvious touch point ā€” Google Analytics ā€” never materialized.

The AdSense team (do they run Google Analytics as well?) recently announced that these two tools will get a little closer and suggested further integration is on its way.

Feedburner will remain a separate app, but it will automatically tag any links fed through it with Google Analytics campaign data. While this was always possible when done from the pre-burned feed, the automation saves a step, insures a more consistent result and adds information about where the click originated (Google Reader, etc) that was not previously possible.

The customization options are a nice touch and should give most users the level of detail they are looking for.

This integration is basic, but Iā€™m certainly looking forward to seeing what other touch points the team has in store.

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