The Worrying Trend of “UI/UX”

It’s a shame the title of this article—Open Source is Ugly: Improving UI and UX—focused so heavily on the looks part of the user experience, because Garth Braithwaite makes some excellent points about actual UX.

The problem occurs when the open source project is being used by an outside demographic, including by developers of a lower experience level. In these cases, good user experience design contributions will help define the target audience—their needs, struggles, and experience—and the recommended solutions for assisting the users.

Open source is ugly: Improving UI and UX

The trend towards viewing UX as just visual design has taken a severe uptick in recent years. I won’t hazard a guess why, but it’s a worrying situation that undermines the value UX brings to the table.

None of this is to say graphic design lacks value. Color and contrast inform meaning. Attractive facades build trust and delight. The face of your application is owned by these artists; where they go, so does the perception of your app.

But … an experience has to be bigger than the final screens—it’s a combination of expectations and interactions, of how useful, usable, and delightful the overall package.

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