Staying Competitive through Strategic UX Design

I have a repertoire of maybe five or six phrases that I repeat ad nauseam. Just uttering “Henry” in most meetings will get an eye roll & “faster horse, yeah, yeah”. If I’ve explained UX as more than just tactical design & testing once, I’ve explained it a thousand times.

But, these are important, oft-forgotten (sometimes I think on purpose) concepts, so I keep beating the drum. Sometimes I even roll my eyes along with my audience.

Staying Competitive through Strategic UX Design (PDF) does a better job than I do in advocating for moving UX up the value chain. They key is redefining how your organization thinks about UX.

If one defines user experience … as something to do with just the design of a product or service, then that kind of user experience may not actually lead to long-term differentiators.

One the other hand, if one defines UX more broadly as the strategy, innovation, and design of the compelling, delightful, and persuasive user experiences, then there is bound to be long-term differentiation and success.

This isn’t to say a UX professional exceptionally skilled in interaction design should be promoted to pushing long-term strategy for an organization or product. Instead, this about incorporating user experience thinking into product managers and executives in a way that drives consistency.

As Apala Lahiri says,

Thinking of UX as a process that encompasses strategy, innovation, and design is the secret sauce of success.

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