Small Interactions make Big UX

As a guy that’s spent the better part of his life knee-deep in UX, I know next-to-nothing about investing. When I ran across these relatively new roboinvestors I was intrigued. Still, I didn’t really know enough to start.

A few days of research and I was convinced to give it a shot, but the “with who?” question still lingered.

I tweeted the question out to my followers and received a response from a single source: a customer experience rep who spent a few minutes answering my questions and pointing me to some relevant information.

I invested with Betterment the next day (fair warning: that’s a referral link).

The other companies in the running, who I also included in my tweet, have been silent. I expected that. No one has time to respond to every random customer with a Twitter account.

Since I was looking at three companies with extremely similar tools, the small, personal touch tipped the scales. While the money we’re talking is peanuts, the experience both convinced me to invest and has me pretty high on the NPS with this blog post.

When designing a solution, I know I can often get obsessed with efficiency. How can I help the user accomplish their task as quickly as possible? This was a good reminder that we’re all human, and the personalized touch is an easy way to make a connection and add a bit of delight.

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