Setting Goals with Google Analytics

Justin Cutroni of EpikOne has a nice review of the new goals (time on site and pages per visit) available with version 4 of Google Analytics.

What’s interesting here is that you can create a time based goal if a visit does NOT reach a certain amount of time…I like to think of ‘Less Than’ goals as ‘Failure’ metrics.

For example, when you configure a failure goal you can easily measure and say, …Did you know that 97% of our traffic does not spend at least 2 minutes on our site? We suck!

Most of the time this is right: a low time-on-site and few page visits would mark failure and be an odd thing to claim as a “goal.” However, if you have a sub-profile measuring specific paths — say a sign-up or check-out form — the level of friction involved in completing the task could be directly correlated to the amount of time spent on those pages.

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