OLED “Touch Bar” on the MacBook Pro

Martin Hajek has drawn up some (quite impressive) 3D renders of the rumored MacBook with an OLED Touch panel where the function keys currently reside.

Our myriad of touch devices have proven there’s a high value to an interface that can adjust to meet new contexts. That was a key selling point in the original, all-screen, keyboard-less design of the iPhone.

A static keyboard isn’t without value. It allows the operator to build muscle memory. Familiarity breeds efficiency.

If this rumor is true (that’s a big if), I’ll be curious to see how Apple addresses those keys that many of us use daily—Spaces and Volume. Will they just cease to exist in some apps? Will apps be allowed to control the entire bar, or just a portion?

In the meantime, pretty pictures are nice.

MacBook meets OLED

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