‘macOS’ Rebranding

Chance Miller, 9to5Mac:

It’s widely expected at this point that Apple will rebrand Mac OS X to simply ‘macOS’ next week at WWDC, but hidden in today’s announcements regarding the App Store was yet another hint at the change. In a FAQ from on the iTunes Connect website, Apple mistakenly refers to Mac OS X as ‘macOS,’ again prematurely hinting at the change.

The previous instance that leaked styled it “MacOS”, not “macOS”.

via Another Hint at ‘macOS’ Rebranding of OS X

The writing on this rebrand has been on the wall ever since Phil Schiller spilled the beans on The Talk Show podcast. When it was leaked as capital-m MacOS it oddly irritated me. tvOS and watchOS are all lowercase. Why break that pattern?

Lowercase-m macOS feels right.

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