How to use VSCO?

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to use VSCO:

To navigate to your Studio, pull the “joystick” to the left.

via VSCO: How to use VSCO

Listen: I have produced more interfaces that needed detailed instructions than I can count. It happens.

But, the warning bells at VSCO should have gone off twice in these two sentences:

  1. VSCO is a powerful-but-simple app. Offering step-by-step instructions to basically adding filters to video should have been a total dead giveaway that something wasn’t right with the interface.
  2. When they developed this feature, I’m sure they discussed the little dingus used to move between screens as a "joystick".
    That should have stayed there.
    Calling it a "joystick" (quotes and all) kind of reinforces that they had no idea what to call this thing.

I’m off to scrub all my documentation so the makers of VSCO can’t find my faults and broadcast them publicly.

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