Developing Interactions for Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect

The biggest lesson that Challinor and his team learned during this process is that, when dealing with something so new and unexplored like gesture controls, actions speak louder than words. “You can’t just talk about it, you have to prototype it,” he said. “Concepting won’t get you very far.” His hope is that eventually, as Kinect becomes more popular, a standardized menu system will be settled upon, so developers don’t have to spend so much time on it and players don’t have to re-learn how to interact with the menus for each game.via Andrew Webster, Ars Technica

The single greatest advancement the iPhone brought to the market was the innovation in how people interacted with their gadgets. I’ve obviously no idea what sort of staying power the Kinect will have, but I hope it lasts long enough to get smart people really revved up about developing the user experience for a new model.

The iPhone proved that buttons weren’t necessary. Kinect could be even more ambitious, proving that really, even the hardware is superfluous.

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