TV guide

via Recode:

Last year, Apple shelved its plan to sell you TV. Now Apple has a new plan: Tell you what’s on TV and help you watch it.

Apple has started talking to TV programmers and other video companies about creating a digital TV guide that would work on both Apple TV boxes and other Apple devices, like iPhones.

The idea is to let users see what kind of programming is available in video apps made by the likes of HBO, Netflix and ESPN, without having to open up each app individually, and to play shows and movies with a single click.

A global queue is a version-one feature. The second Apple decided that apps were the new channel, it should have been obvious that splitting content among an infinite number of experiences wasn’t going to scale.

I realized it and you’ll have to trust me that no one is looking my way for their futurist needs. Truth is, it wasn’t a difficult thing to foresee. Spend any amount of time digging around for something to watch and it’s apparent immediately.

I hope this isn’t MVP run amok.

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