À La Carte TV Packages

Dish hasn’t given up on Sling TV, their take on internet-delivered cable:

Sling TV on Thursday announced a slew of changes to its streaming service, including several new channels and the creation of "Orange" and "Blue" tiers, the latter bringing multi-stream support out of beta.

An "Orange + Blue" package is available for $40, but many channels — like HBO, Epix, and Cinemax — are still in separate add-on packages costing between $5 and $15 per month. Sling’s Latino content has been expanded with a "Caribe" package featuring Cuban and Puerto Rican material, plus a $10 standalone service.

via Sling TV splits into ‘Orange’ and ‘Blue’ tiers, adds NBC, BBC America & other channels

À la carte channels were always a bad idea, and Sling is admitting as much here. The economics of modern television simply don’t work outside of the bundle model.

I do wonder how long before Sling’s prices creep up to match standard cable.

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